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BANZAI Car Share

Leamington Terrace Area / Bruntsfield

In the long term, widespread personal vehicle ownership does not appear to be compatible with significant decarbonization.

 Science and Technology Select Committee Report to MPs,  Aug 2019

There are many cars that sit around not being used much of the time while still costing us money. Our local streets would be more liveable if less space was occupied by parked cars, whilst people still had access where necessary to car transport. The use of fewer cars — and ideally ones which are most energy efficient for typical, short urban trips — would be a significant contribution to decarbonising our lifestyles.

We believe that car sharing between people who know each other in a small community of streets could be part of the solution. We have therefore set up a closed loop scheme using the Hiyacar platform, as pioneered successfully elsewhere in the UK.

In essence, closed loop car sharing involves loaning and borrowing cars with trusted friends and neighbours. This is a flexible and friendly scheme that complements community networking with the provision of additional insurance and backed up by technology for convenience. Pretty much everything else follows on from that position.

From an environmental point of view, the goal is to use existing cars more efficiently and. in the longer term, to reduce the number of cars on the roads. The average car costs £3,500 per year (approx £300 per month) and is parked 96% of the time! Private cars generate 18% of UK emissions — car usage must reduce by 20–60% by 2030 to meet net zero targets.

 How the scheme works

  1. If you are a car owner, you don’t need to worry about your insurance. The hire fee for borrowers includes insurance through Hiyacar, so your policy is unaffected.
  2. There is no subscription cost to joining Hiyacar, so signing up as an experiment won’t commit you financially.
  3. To become part of the closed loop scheme, you must live within the area shown on the map below.
Map of closed loop car sharing area in Bruntsfield
Closed loop car sharing area

How to get started

  1. To get started, register with Hiyacar, which is most easily done using the Hiyacar app. If you’re a driver, your driving licence and details will be validated. If you’re an owner your car status will be validated and you’ll be taken through the process of creating a listing, with pictures. This will give you the chance to state any specific requirements or important facts.
  2. Send email to and we will send you details of how to become a member of the closed loop. You’ll only see cars in the loop if you live within the area defined on the map.
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