Why BANZAI and Small Community Group Action?

BANZAI (Bruntsfield Area Net Zero Action Initiative) was set up by an informal group from the Leamington Terrace Area in the hope of encouraging more people in surrounding areas to consider personal and community action to help the move towards Net Zero. Everyone really should take action, but working out what to do, whilst being aware of the consequences to us all of failing, can feel overwhelming individually. We believe community level action can get more done and assist individuals, whilst also offering positive support that could be good for maintaining optimism and resilience in the face of the challenges ahead.

The main aims of BANZAI are to:

  • Raise public awareness about the climate and ecological emergency and the need for action at every level within the Bruntsfield and wider Edinburgh areas. 
  • Shape and provide practical and emotional support for local communal and individual actions which contribute towards our Net Zero neighbourhood.
  • Network, collaborate and galvanise complementary climate-focused groups and initiatives across Edinburgh — both at the street level and wider community level — including working with the City of Edinburgh Council and others to achieve their Net Zero 2030 targets.
  • Organise local events and activities that support the move towards Net Zero and improve the environment and biodiversity.
  • Engage in political and campaigning activity and activism (where democratically agreed within BANZAI) and encourage individuals to engage with issues on a personal basis.

BANZAI Calendar

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