Forwards with Cargo Bikes!

To cargo or not to cargo? Our cargo bike event, organised by BANZAI and the Cargo Bike Movement, turned out to be brilliant. On the afternoon of Saturday September 23rd, over 80 adults and children made their way to Bruntsfield’s Montpelier to try out a cargo bike.

Many members of the local community visited stalls outside Boroughmuir Primary School
Young woman setting off on cargo bike with child in the cargo seat
The Urban Arrow Family cargo bike that was lent for the event by Cargo Bike Movement.

Most people had never sat on a cargo bike before. There was apprehension at first. How to steer such a monstrous beast? It turned out to not be too difficult despite having to make U-turns on a narrow street. The pedal-assist electric motor gives you the power to comfortably master any hill, even with a heavy load. The end result was smiles all around and the kids loved being cargoed. 

People would love to borrow a cargo bike if it were freely available. Guess what, they are! The Cargo Bike Movement will generously lend you one for free. Why don’t most people take up the offer? The sticking point is where to store these big machines. 

So, to all City of Edinburgh Councillors and local politicians: please sort out cargo bike storage, as they are a fantastic way to move around the city, and families love them! Plus, it will help Edinburgh meet its ambitious net zero targets in the process.

Complete with rain cover for the occasional dreich day
Just pedal and the smoothie blade rotates — the very popular smoothie bike provided by Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative.

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