BANZAI Car Share has launched!

Map of area included in BANZAI car share scheme
Area covered by the BANZAI car share

We have recently set up a local car share scheme covering the Leamington Terrace Area and parts of Bruntsfield. If you answer Yes to some of the following questions, that maybe the scheme is just what you’re looking for.

  • Are you concerned about climate change, or anxious about air quality?
  • Do you want safe, less polluted streets with plenty of space for walking and cycling?
  • Have you got a car which is unused a lot of the time? Have you considered whether you could share or live without it? 
  • Want convenient access to local cars without the restrictions and profit- making of commercial Car Clubs?
  • Would you consider hiring a car to a trusted neighbour (age 21–75 only) if it was easy, insurance was sorted and it helped cover the cost of ownership?

Find out more on our page about BANZAI car share.

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