Elaine’s pond with a mini-waterfall

When Elaine moved into her house over thirty years ago, the pond was there already. Roughly circular, it is 1.5m in diameter and lined with a butyl-type rubber liner. 

What makes it special is the series of mini-waterfalls, powered by a motor which circulates the water from the bottom pond back up to the top, creating a soothing rippling sound. The hill which the waterfalls flow down was created with the earth dug out when the pond was built. 

In terms of wildlife, Elaine has three fish in the pond (you can see one in the picture). There have been newts and frogs in the pond in the past but there are none at the moment — if anyone has frogspawn to spare in the spring, please let Elaine know! There used to be a pair of mallards who would swoop down and enjoy the pond, but they never nested. 

Elaine says that the pond needs little maintenance — she just needs to scoop dead leaves out in winter. 

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